Best Kitchen Design For Small Spaces: A Detailed Guide

Its every small home owner dream to have a well organized kitchen in their small apartment. On this article, I will give a detailed guide on the best kitchen design for small spaces. This guide will give you helpful ideas on your kitchen design layout including the type of kitchen cabinet design you should employ to save space.

Your kitchen design doesn’t have to be horrible just because you have a small space. Whether you are renovating, just starting or just looking for a fresh idea for your existing space, this guide is worth reading.

To turn your kitchen into a super-organised space you have to do take some step.

Use Your Wall

Here are 9 ideas on how to design your own kitchen layout for a small space.

For your kitchen design layout to look great, you have to use your kitchen spaces to the fullest. A wall shelving that will make your wall beautiful and again keeping your kitchen organised is necessary. Don’t give room for any waste of space, make sure every wall is put to use.

Use up all available corner space to take things off the floor. This way, a small kitchen space will be design in a fantastic way to look great and appear big.

Put Every Corners to Use

Don’t over look any little space, especially in a corner. You can convert any space in a corner into an hanging area for your pots and pans. Spaces like below the sink, the back of cupboards and gaps between shelves are great areas to stuck kitchen items. You can also try to relocate items that aren’t frequently use to elsewhere in your home. Adding a hooks on the sides of your cupboards, magnetic knife board or racks hung over a door and extra shelves in corners is very important too.

Place storage under tables

This is very important has tables and benches waste spaces, but you will be leaving no space wasted if you can annex vacant space like under tables and store your kitchen items in them. Cupboard and drawer are good option to place under the table (if they would fit in) because they are great for helping in managing kitchen resources.

Use Ceiling space

Its good to store things in the higher possition like the ceiling and wall. This beautifies the kitchen and help keep things organised. If there is space between your cabinets and ceiling, then put the space to use. Hanging pans and pots from the ceiling frees cabinets, creates a good look and save the cabinet of bulky equipment.

Consider a portable Cupboard or drawer

If you really want to have the best kitchen design for small space then getting a cupboard and drawer is compulsory for a small kitchen owner. Cupboard and drawer not only help in keeping a kitchen organised, it saved spaces a lot. It save one the headache of where to place things and where to keep items that are not frequently used.

A portable Cupboard and drawer is best for for a small kitchen. Portable cupboard and drawer can easily be placed under benches and sqeezed around corners, this will give you opportunity to store more times in them.

Space is always a challenge for small homes. Being creative with the storage system can help take advantage of every space available. Vertical drawers are ideal for using up the awkward gaps between appliances, corners, walls or cabinets.  

Relocate laundry appliances

Thinking kitchen is the best place to place your laundry appliances? Nope, it is best to place washing machine and other laundry appliances in the bathroom as it saves your kitchen spaces. It is worth relocating your laundry appliances elsewhere if you are stuck of space. Also, you may consider keeping them in the kitchen if you have a separate washer and dryer, but stacking them on each other in better as it saves space and hides them out of sight.

Go Modern

How do you go modern? A modern kitchen doesnt have to be sophisticated or jampacked with many items. It is as simple as it can. The wall, table cabinet and other kitchen items are organised in a simple manner and all things are rightly positioned. The more minimal the decor the better it seems.

Organise Work Desk

With too many items on your kitchen work desk, it looks horrible. Consider hanging items on wall, ceiling, in the cupbaord and under the kitchen Island. Hanging magnetic knife strips, utensils, mugs, pans, spice jars and cutlery bins could help a lot in achieving this.

Consider Adding a Kitchen Island

With a kitchen island, you can easily organise your frequently needed items. Make sure your  kitchen island is as strong as possible because of the number of items it will house. Some of the items you should consider are towel racks or a storage rack. With the right kitchen island, a small kitchen can look big. An efficient and functional island provides additional storage and workspace

Get a Drawer Organisers

If I am asked what makes a modern kitchen. My answer would be “an uncluttered kitchen.” Keeping your kitchen neat and uncluttered is halfway having an visually organised kitchen. Keeping the counters organised and arranging the cabinets in an organised manner plays a major role. Kitchen drawer organisers keep kitchen stuff in place, away from sight yet within easy reach. This is a good for people with many kichen items that need to be arranged and keep our of sight.

Opt for a Backless Stools

Its good to go for a backless stools because it can easily be slip under a counter to save space. This way, your backless stool can be under the counter when not needed. Also, choosing a colour that’ll blend in with your kitchen island is good because it aids kitchen colour unification.

Use Racks and Hooks

Instead of hanging a decorative feature, install racks and hooks for additional storage and organising help. Your walls are not just for decoration, they are good storage spaces. Keep all your kitchen stuff in a place. Instead of building cabinets, boost up charm by adding a lovely brick wall into your kitchen.

Installing a pot rack can help save space to be taken up by bulky pans.Racks and hooks are functional and stylish.

Add Floating Shelves

Open shelves are the best storage option for small spaces. The floating shelves offer flexible storage and organising options without visually damaging the space, unlike cabinets. If you can’t part with your kitchen cart, just hang shelves above it to make the piece feel like a permanent fixture in your kitchen.

If your cabinets are too small to fit all of your kitchen items then a floating shelves should be considered for use. The benefits of floating shelves is that if they are creatively used, they beautifies the kichen and keep things organised for instance, chunky vintage cutting boards or bright colanders can double as artwork.

Consider an Appliance Garage

This is a type of cupboard meant to store kitchen appliances. This will help to keep countertops clear. When appliances like toaster, coffeemaker electric pot, and others are kwpt away in an appliance garage, then there will be more space to keep other things.

Opt for Smart Vertical Storage

A small and smart vertical storage is suitable to serve as a filler for a kitchen corner. With a vertical storage which can be placed in a corner, kitchen items that couldn’t go into the drawer or cupboard can be arranged in the vertical storage.

Utiliize Your Backsplash

The backsplash is one of the most underused vertical spaces in the kitchen. You can try to add an additional shelf between the upper cabinets and the countertops, this will makes the kitchen have an adorable look. To have the best kitchen design for small space, every little bit of space have to counts.

Therefore, to design your own kitchen layout, the type of kitchen cabinet design you choose will have effect on your kitchen design layout. Also, every space count  for a kitchen design for small space but I hope this article will guide you on what to consider during your home depot kitchen design.

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