Best Under Cabinet Lighting: Buying Guide

Want to have a perfectly looking kitchen? Then you need the best under cabinet lighting. The right cabinet lighting can make your kitchen more beautiful. A good LED light will provide a very bright lighting where its needed.

A good LED light can double your evening lighting by allowing you to have a dimmer, moodier lighting by turning off the bright overhead lightse.

An under cabinet lighting must come in LED, fluorescent  and incandescent. Fluorescent lights are cool and inexpensive but not dimmable while an incandescent light includes Xenon which is usually dimmable and provides a warmer glow.

LED is the most energy efficient of all under cabinet lighting  options.

So, in this article, I will give details of the best under cabinet lighting you can buy for your kitchen. You will also learn the importance of choosing the right lighting.

Best Under Cabinet Lighting for Kitchen

Here are the list of under cabinet lighting you may consider. These cabinet lighting comes with great features.

Litever Under Cabinet LED Lighting

Litever is an excellent product with bright and adjustable settings. It sit neatly wherever it is to be installed. These add light right where you need it most. Perfect night/morning lighting as well as work light mid day. Kit came with everything.

Litever comes in 6pcs and 3 pcs with all having a 12 inches cabinet light strips. Some of it other features are 31W, 2000 Lumen, Warm White 3000K and 6-Bars Kit-3000K. These lights are easily the best bang for your buck. You cannot beat this price. They look professionally done!

P.S: Go with the warm white colour, it looks more natural and less artificial. It adds warmth to the environment and less strain on the eyes.

Super Bright

The removal of LED dots makes a perfect birghtness for a super bright soft even warm white light. The brightness is of high quality and premium-density LEDs adopted.

Easy to Install

The wizard installation guide will help you to install this under cabinet led lighting kit quickly and easily using the provided mounting clips, self-adhesive pads, wire clips and extension cords.

Reliable & Long Lifespan

Litever comes with a 3 year warranty.  With an aluminum PCB with thermal paste to ensure good heat-dissipation of the LEDs and thus a good life of the cabinet LED light bars.

With a professional compact low profile and easy installation design, this under cabinet LED lighting kit is perfect to be installed for kitchen cabinets, counters, under shelf, bookcase, closets, etc. GET IT HERE!

EShine LED Deluxe Kit Cabinet Lighting

EShine is very nice when used for under cabinet lighting because with it’s low voltage, you have more options when running wires. Its a 6 Panels 12 Inch LED Under Cabinet Lighting. It also come with an “Hand Wave Activator” to turn on lighting. The lights are bright enough to be used as ambient light for the whole kitchen.

Hand Wave Activated

The Sensitive IR Sensor of EShine under cabinet lights turn ON/OFF with a simple wave. This is great for busy days in the Kitchen. Hand wave activator save one from having a dirty remote control that gets dirty and bother you while you work.


EShine LED under cabinet lights save you money by consuming low energy of 24W.

Sturdy and Easy to Install

EShine lights are made from high quality, sturdy materials. It comes with a great design and very well packaged with numerous different parts, giving the opportunity to install anyway you choose. GET IT HERE

Lightkiwi E7574 Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting

4 Panel Kit, 12 Inches Each, Warm White (3000K), 12 Watt, 24VDC, Dimmer Switch & All Accessories Included, Low Profile, Aluminum Body, UL Listed

Lightkiwi offer a neat and loaded kit imaginable. It can easily be installed like its professionally done. It dimmer view is perfect for evening. The dimmer setting stays when you turn the lights on/off. The dimmer is a wonderful feature and they don’t have to be super duper bright if you don’t want them to be. Buying Lightkiwi  along with it remote is is a nice combination.

Quality Lighting

Lightkiwi under cabinet lighting LED kit dramatically improve the appearance of items exposed to the lighting by allowing colours to appearvivid and perfect all. Lightkiwi consumes less energy.


Lightkiwi LED under cabinet lighting kit can expand the configuration by using a power supply with higher wattage. This is why Lightkiwi LED under cabinet lighting panel is designed to expand without overburdening the product.

Long Lifespan

Lightkiwi offers a 3 year warranty. You won’t need an engineering degree to install Lightkiwi under cabinet lighting which is why it is one of the highest standard under cabinet lighting kit on the market. This comes with over 35,000 hours lifespan, excellent performance and guaranteed to have adhered the most demanding quality control procedures.

Lightkiwi put together a super awesome cabinet lighting set. Its easy to install with just a drill, two drill bits, tapes, and a screwdriver. GET IT HERE .

GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED

When it comes to brightness, Getinlight got it! These lights are fantastic! The motion sensing and easy to setup feature makes perfect deal. Absolutely, Getinlight is of easy setup, great price and conclusively a great product.

These LED lights comes with a fluorescent bulbs. Getinlight also have three different light settings to choose from. Also, the added parts in the package allow for different installations.

However, for the swivel model is also great for the cabinet. It comes with a Low / High setting and three different light brightnesses (6 settings overall). The swivel model is of a very low profile, so you cannot see it, you only see the light.

Getinlight is available in various inches. There is one of 9 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch, 32 inch, 40 Inch and 48 inch.

Super Bright

These LED lights comes with a fluorescent bulbs. This makes a perfect birghtness for a super bright soft even warm white light. The brightness is from high quality LEDs adopted.

Energy Saving

Getinlight is energy saving. It link up to 20 units to a single power supply. This LED under cabinet lights save you money by consuming low energy.

Easy Installation

The easy installation guide will help you to install this cabinet led lighting kit quickly and easily. Hardwired or Plugged-In installations are available, hardware kit and cords are also included in package for both methods.


Getinlight is dimmable with most wall/box dimmers, high / low switch for non-dimming applications. Some dimmers that work greatly with Getinlight are LUTRON-DV-603PG, LUTRON-DV-600P, LUTRON-DVCL-153P, LUTRON-DVLV-600P, LEVITON-6611-P0W and LUTRON MACL-153M.


Getinlight with a warranty.  Under Cabinet Lighting with ETL Listed, Warm White (2700K), Soft White (3000K), Bright White (4000K), White Finished, 24-inch, IN-0210-3.

Some other great feature that comes with Getinlight are Temperature Slide Switch which allows selection among 3 colour levels, Soft White (3000K), Warm White (2700K), & Bright White (4000K). Also, aluminum housing with easy access knock-outs and polycarbonate diffuser are greate feature of this lighting equipment. Click here to GET IT HERE

The above mentioned lights are great options for under cabinet lights and are great for task lighting. You would need to choose the appropriate one depending on what you feel is right for your home and your taste.

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