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Modern Home Decor Ideas | Primitive Home Decor

Having a modern home decor design doesn’t have to be sophisticated. Most modern designs aren’t has expensive as you may think. All you need is to be creative with what you want and most of the home decor items needed can be cheaply found on amazon.

On this article, I will give suggestions on modern home decor ideas that will help you achieve having a home with an elegant look without burning your pocket.

However,  a modern home decor can be inviting, warm, and completely stylish in just about any home. But how do you have a modern home decor? It is not as simple as you thought. Walking into a store and choosing items that are of great look may not give you the desire result. There are several basic ideas that should be incorporated into a modern home decoration.

Here are list of things to have in mind for a great modern home decor:


Always keep at the back of your mind that “modernity in design is simplicity in the eye.” Make sure that you always incorporate this saying into your home decor. Studies have shown that a clutter home settings can lead to stress in a homeowner’s  life, so keeping your decor simple will help alleviate some of the stresses that may arise from it. Also, keeping things as uncluttered as possible doesn’t mean we have to only place chair for sitting in the living room.


Anything that should be added to the room must be added with a purpose. A beautiful and fashionable wall clock should be added for it to serve it purpose. All minimal artwork and accessories should be added because of the function they will serve, any item that will serve no purpose other than beautification  is not necessary because that will make you have a clutter home design. So, a living room with modern home decor should have easy navigation.


Having a flat screen TV will save you space compare to a hunchback TV. A living room design with modern home decor in mind should take significant consideration into the type of gadget that would be used because it will have great effect on the placement of items and management of space.  Also, it’s often recommended that all electronics be streamlined. So, go for flat screen TV, built in DVD players, and a portable computers.


For a modern decor feel, then the goal is to have enough space in your home. This can be achieved by using fabrics and furniture that promotes open space because some home design doesn’t.


Explore different colours and furniture arrangement to have a unique and creative modern home decor. Exploring different colours can create an amazing and alarming effect to the room. Creating a modern decor have to be simple when the open spaces are well managed.

Primitive Home Decor: Items To Use For Your Modern Home Interior Design

Some home decor items are better choice than the other. You can’t have a good home design without filtering your choice. It is important to know which item to go for and the best place to place them. However, in this section, I will suggest more modern home decor ideas to have a great interior design.


A modern home decor must have a minimal look. It is important to use furniture that helps in having enough space. The fewer the furniture, the more space you have. For a home with very little space, it is important to drastically reduce the number of furniture to be used so as to have a spacious home because research has shown that clutter home can lead to stress.


Having a texture monotone room can easily be achieved by concentrating more on the use of white colour texture for most items that would be use for the design. An off white colour could also complement a white colour without creating odds.


Modern home decor have to be simple. However, the simplicity doesn’t have to be boredom. A soft looking rug with flower vase is such a great combination that can help in having a modern look living room. Rugs are of different types but a hairy rug is best for the living room.


Want a modern sleek home decor? Then a colourful sofa is is important as having a spacious home. A colourful sofa can make your home look excellent and give it the attraction it need, while the spaces give it the modernity is needs. A soothing wall colour with a dramatic pairing is a good addon too.


Modern concept shouldn’t be sophisticated, it should have a light feel. So opting for natural colours like creams, whites, and browns is better. White or other natural textures are welcoming look that is great for a home.


Have you ever been to a friend home in the evening and the brightness of the white or blue lightning created a an adorable feeling in you? It’s no doubt that using white or blue lightning bulb could create a modern, yet simple home design for you. Lighting set the tone for the entire room space. A neutral space with an eye-catching light is great but make sure you choose something striking like white or blue.


A modern living room often feature sleek furnishings and soothing palettes. Incorporating an iconic piece bring some level of sense of style.


This is very important. So as not to have a boring design, it is very important to make use of a wallpaper that are attention grabbing. Some wall clocks are designed in such a way that when a visitor comes in, it will always have their attention.

“When you keep all the elements in a room sleek and uncluttered, it’s important to make sure there’s a focal point in the room to add visual interest” Mandy Cheng.

Therefore, a modern home decor is not a sophisticated home design, however, it should not be a boring one. I hope some primitive home decor mentioned in this article will be useful for you home design. Also, you can find most of the mentioned items in home decor outlets which checking out our vetted amazon product is highly recommended.